SlapX represents the BEST OF what the Slap Experts do musically. With over 546 one-shots and loops, SlapX is a rollercoaster ride through genres such as Trap, Hip Hop, Future Bass, & Lo-Fi. In staying with the BEST OF theme, every Slap Expert was asked to provide the sounds that they are BEST AT. Oh Gosh Leotus and Curtiss King bring the incredible heat on the drums. Aaron Barber and Nabeyin compose mood manipulating melodic loops. With over 20 years of experience on Guitar, YLM brought the beautiful guitar loops created with multiple Effect Pedals. And newest Slap Expert member brought the soul out of his Vox shots and full hooks.

SlapX is 100% Royalty Free. Every SlapX sound is 100% original. Every drum and percussion sound was designed from scratch (via Digital Sound Synthesis) and were recorded live (Live drums by Oh Gosh, Tambourine & Shakers by Curtiss King) We take pride in our sound design! Which means that you will never hear a recycled sound from Slap Experts.


SlapX Includes:

  • Size: 1GB
  • 546 Sounds
  • 60 Snares
  • 40 808s
  • 40 Kicks
  • 45 Vox & Hooks
  • 36 Drum Loops
  • 30 Claps
  • 20 Hi-Hats
  • 20 Hi-Hat Loops
  • 62 Melodic Loops & Midis
  • 60 Guitar Loops
  • 20 Perc & Melodic Shots
  • 20 Percussion Loops
  • 10 Drum Fills​ & SFX