Chill Bytes

Chill Bytes


The Experts return for a group sound pack you probably never thought you'd see from us.

​Predominantly chill Lo-Fi and Smooth Hip Hop vibes. Even though we are proud to be your go-to providers for that SLAP, we too like to CHILL sometimes. 

The Chill Bytes sound pack is sonically a combination of two amazing musical planets. The easy listening aesthetics of modern Boom Bap and Lo-Fi meet the 8-Bit vibes of 90's video games. What inspired us to create this pack was the therapeutic and relaxing nature of the Lo-Fi beats our community created with our prior sounds. 

But don't get it twisted SLAP NATION, even Lo-Fi and Smooth Hip Hop needs that SLAP and SWING from the Experts. With over 337 sounds total, each Slap Expert carefully crafted every sample to inspire nostalgia. In fact many of the audio samples were processed using our new Cassette Emulator TAPEBOY. That is...until Slap Expert Curtiss King took it a step further and recorded his VOX using an ACTUAL TALK BOY! 


Chill Bytes Includes:Size: 761 MB
Sounds: 337 Total
108 Midi Files
37 Vox Shots & Phrases
32 Melody Loops
30 Guitars
25 Hi-Hats
20 Kicks
20 Snares
20 Drum Loops
​20 ​Percussion Loops
16 808s & Bass Lines
10 Drum Fills
Created by Slap Experts: Curtiss King, Oh Gosh Beats, Nabeyin, Aaron Barber, Dare House